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Socioclast - Socioclast LP

Socioclast - Socioclast LP

  • SOCIOCLAST (California, USA) - (Self-Titled) (2021) Blood Red w/Black Splatter vinyl (1st US Pressing). Debut full-length LP from San Jose's SOCIOCLAST. Contains sixteen tracks of total Grindcore devastation. Features current and former members of DEADPRESSURE, IN DISGUST, and MORTUOUS. 

    SOCIOCLAST have this edged-out spectrum of classic Grindcore and late 90’s Deathgrind entirely right thanks to a no-nonsense approach that never forgets to whip along at a true Extreme Metal pace. The greater Earhammer Studios rendered experience of it all is dark, dystopian but still notably punch-heavy when all rolls up to a frenzied blast-beat.  And when it comes time to whip out a Death Metal song, such as album closer “Concrete and Steel,” all the right pieces fall into place. Any band that can invoke ‘Covenant’ and ‘World Downfall’ in a manner of seconds and make it all roll seamlessly together is on the right path. 

    Rhythmically tight and hardcore complex bursts of ~1-3 minute attack with a roaring and shouting vocal that never rises to a shriek, epitomize the core appeal of a certain era of Grindcore that still pays plenty of nods to both the 80’s and maybe even a hint of powerviolence when things really get anxious. Highly recommended for fans of Nasum, Pig Destroyer, Brutal Truth and Discordance Axis**originally published on** Carbonized Records ‎– ASH011


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