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Svaveldioxid - Dödsögonblick LP

Svaveldioxid - Dödsögonblick LP

  • SVAVELDIOXID ‎(Sweden) – Dödsögonblick (2019) (sealed gatefold LP) Dödsögonblick delivers quintessential 80's / 90's-fuelled Kängpunk. The album definitely meets all requirements when it comes to harsh and heavy Punk with zero frills or filler. Even better, although Svaveldioxid make an ungodly racket, their inherent ferociousness doesn’t obscure the catchy hooks often buried in their songs. Dödsögonblick‘s heavily distorted guitars, pounding drums and vicious vocals will more than satisfy anyone ensnared by Svaveldioxid’s previous releases. This record is relentless, brutal, belligerent and uncompromising with its 10 volatile eruptions. D-Takt & Råpunk Records ‎– DTAKT093, Konton Crasher ‎– KNTN-038L


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