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This Is A Standoff - Be Delighted LP

This Is A Standoff - Be Delighted LP

  • THIS IS A STANDOFF (Canada) - Be Delighted (2021 Thousand Islands Re-issue on Green/Black/Red Tricolour vinyl - limited to 200 copies).  For the first time ever on vinyl format, This Is A Standoff’s Be Delighted!  One-sided 12″ EP remastered and redesigned for the occasion. Released on May 14th, 2021.

    Yes, it sounds similar to Belvedere. But there are a slew differences. First of all, This Is a Standoff is slightly less aggressive sounding than Belvedere. Partly because the band seems to opt for a less metallic sound, and partly because TIAS are missing Scott and Jason -- who provided the shouty parts in Belvedere. Never lose faith in Steve Rawles' ability to write a damn good tune. Oh yeah, another difference...the production is FINALLY absolutely spot on. Score.

    Any Belvedere fan will tell you they were the kings of Skate Punk, and I really can't see any fans of said band turning their nose up at TIAS. The speed is there. The technicality is there. And, more prominently than ever, the huge choruses are there for all to see.  Great Melodic Punk release, we look forward to hearing more from TIAS in the future! Lockjaw Records ‎– LJLP204, Thousand Islands Records ‎– TIR-076



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