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This Is A Standoff - Be Disappointed LP

This Is A Standoff - Be Disappointed LP

  • THIS IS A STANDOFF (Canada) - Be Disappointed (2021 Thousand Islands Records Re-issue on Blue/White Colour in Colour vinyl - limited to 200 copies).  Originally released in 2009, this version has been remastered and completely redesigned!  Released on: May 14th, 2021.

    Perhaps you've heard of the Canadian Skate Punk band Belvedere, well This Is A Standoff is what became of Belvedere’s ashes. ‘Be Disappointed’ is the magnificent follow up record to their debut ‘Be Exited’ that was released by Funtime Records in 2007.

    This Is A Standoff’s trademark is catchy, energetic, fast forward Melodic Punk Rock brought by technically skilled musicians.  This record is even more technical and a massive improvement to the previous.  They have skipped over most of the poppy elements that slowed the music down. "Be Disappointed" is not a disappointment at all and for a fan of fast forward up tempo Punk Rock, this album certainly is a must have and one of the most essential Melodic Punk Rock records of the past few years!  **originally published on**  Lockjaw Records ‎– LJLP203, Thousand Islands Records ‎– TIR-075


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