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Twitch of The Death Nerve - A New Code of Morality CD


Twitch of The Death Nerve - A New Code of Morality CD

  • TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE (United Kingdom) - A New Code of Morality (sealed CD copy) (2014).  Formed in 2004 as a side project of Tom Bradfield and Tom Carter from Infected Disarray and Beef Conspiracy. After releasing a 3-way split CD (with Corpse Carving & Bludgeon), the pair continued with their other projects (including Grindethic Records and Repulsive Dissection) whilst at the same time working on tracks for a full-length debut release.

    The line-up was later completed by recruiting Defeated Sanity’s drummer extraordinaire Lille Gruber, and the band began working on a debut album. The style of music centered on relentless Brutal Death Metal, drawing on influences from the glory years of the scene, but also keeping a focus on interesting compositions and adding progressive elements to the sound. ‘A New Code of Morality’ is now finally complete and is presented along with some gruesomely epic Marco Hasmann artwork to complement the misanthropy drenched nihilism contained within.  **originally published on** Comatose Music ‎– Coma 074


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