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Undeath - Lesions Of A Different Kind LP

Undeath - Lesions Of A Different Kind LP

  • UNDEATH (NY, USA) - Lesions Of A Different Kind (2020) (sealed LP copy; Black vinyl - limited to 300 copies).  After a few well-loved demos, Undeath's debut album, Lesions of A Different Kind, never leans too far to either side of the Death Metal pendulum. It is a vicious and nauseating blast: catchy, impenetrable, and masterfully executed.  This Old-School Death Metal, akin to the early work from fellow breakout revivalists like Tomb Mold and Blood Incantation, involves a purposeful lack of dynamics, indecipherable lyrics, and melodies that seem in danger of dissolving into a murky, low-end drone. The strength of the songs largely comes down to the riffs, which are remarkable throughout. Nearly every track opens with a memorable guitar part from Kyle Beam, and he guides his bandmates through an album that brings to mind plenty of the greats (Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, and more are saluted in the liner notes) but coheres into a singular force.  This confidence allows Lesions of A Different Kind to stand out in the field of gory Death Metal worship. It also helps that the band has leveled up on the production, resulting in an album built for repeated listens.  **originally published on**   Prosthetic Records ‎– PROS104441


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