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Venom – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (LIVE) CD


Venom – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (LIVE) CD

  • VENOM (UK) - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (LIVE) CD (2002).  Yes! One just can't have enough fucking Venom! After spitting out their previous four abominations, they went and did the obligatory live album, and came out of the test brilliantly!

    This slab of live blasphemy offers not one, but TWO shows: Hammersmith 1985 and New York 1986. I can't say which one is better since they both kick ass! The Hammersmith show is more dense in classics, though, incredible performances of "7 Gates of Hell" (one of the greatest Venom songs, hands down), "Leave Me In Hell", "Schizo" and "Witching Hour". New York has the obligatory "Black Metal", "Welcome to Hell", "Bloodlust", "Warhead" and "The Chanting of The Priests".

    Every song is played a lot faster than the originals, and the overall sound is great by thrash-heads standards. This means, no crystal clear bullshit production, just pure distortion, bulldozer rattling, warheads falling from the skies, aaaarrrgghhhh....The live presence of the guys is noteworthy, this band really knew how to steal the show and prove that it's not a necessity to be kvlt enough to play no more than two shows in your entire carreer to blast some Black Metal into an audience. This record takes the best of the feel of classic live albums like "Unleashed In The East" and "No Sleep 'till Hammersmith" and give it a truly raw and evil twist.

    Needless to say that if you like Venom, you NEED this. It's also needless to say what I think of you if you're NOT a Venom fan.  **originally published on by Estigia666**  Castle Music ‎– CMRCD508, Neat Records ‎– CMRCD508, Sanctuary ‎– CMRCD508

    Tracks 1-10 recorded Live At Hammersmith Odeon 1985
    Tracks 11-18 recorded Live At The Ritz in New York 1986


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