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Void Rot - Descending Pillars LP

Void Rot - Descending Pillars LP

  • VOID ROT (Minnesota, USA) - Descending Pillars (2020) Black vinyl with A2 poster, insert and Digital download (limited to 350 copies) "Descending Pillars" is yet another stunning debut to add to the list of jaw-dropping debuts in 2020. VOID ROT deserve to be singled out, however, for really honing a sound that I believe has largely been a sub-genre in name only. They have hewn a sound that actually delivers on what the title "Death Doom" truly implies.  Undulating tremolo riffs and steady-as-she-goes drumming have a hypnotizing effect while the classic guitar tone and unfussy but surprisingly clear production for the style give this album an old school vibe. Everlasting Spew Records ‎– SPIT041LP, Sentient Ruin Laboratories ‎– SRUIN124


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