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Vrenth - Baptism Death LP


Vrenth - Baptism Death LP

  • VRENTH (CA, USA) - Baptism Death (2020) Galaxy Red w/Black Smoke vinyl - limited to 100 copies.  Rotted Life Records is equally proud and repulsed to announce the debut full-length from Southern California’s VRENTH

    Comprised of members of Ruin, Necrosic, Ascended Dead, Exhumed, Gravehill, and multiple others, VRENTH made their first appearance in the Spring of 2019 with a 3 track cassette demo on Death Metal Cult and later on Italy’s Dismal Fate Records.

    And now, as a fitting end to 2020, comes Baptism Death - a hulking, slithering, and disgusting slob of a release, intent on trampling everything in its path, and leaving a wake of strewn limbs, steaming innards, and utter destruction.

    As primitive and brutish as this record might seem at first listen, you’d be mistaken to pass it off as “low-IQ” Death Metal. On the contrary, this was clearly made by veterans of the Death Metal underground, and the musicianship and craftmanship should not be overlooked, even as you’re getting savagely drubbed and abused throughout the experience.  True Death should never be safe or comfortable.  **originally published on**  Rotted Life ‎– ROTTED21LP


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