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War//Plague - On A Darker Dawn LP

War//Plague - On A Darker Dawn LP

  • WAR//PLAGUE (Minnesota, USA) - On A Darker Dawn (2012) (Black vinyl) Heavy and dark stuff here. Metallic crusty Hardcore with a political conscious coded in apocalyptic lyrics. The dual guitar piles on layers of darkness and creates a feeling of unease and despair when one solos over the main riff of the other. It’s as though the world is about to plunge into an era of darkness. They create a mood and hold it. The musicianship is solid as hell. I’m pretty damn jaded when it comes to this style, especially after years of it dominating the L.A. area with bands that weren't very impressive. War//Plague are definitely not a clone band on purpose. They breathe some new life into the genre. Check out their debut album "On A Darker Dawn" for proof.  Profane Existence ‎– EXIST 131


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