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War//Plague - Temperaments Of War LP

War//Plague - Temperaments Of War LP

  • WAR//PLAGUE (Minnesota, USA) - Temperaments Of War (EP) (2014) (sealed LP copy; Black vinyl mastered at 45RPM) One of the great things about WAR//PLAGUE is that they’re always changing things up. Time will tell if the style of "Temperaments of War" is just another step in the band’s progression or if this is where they settle in and get comfortable. Recorded in 2013, this is the band's 6th release. A Crust Punk concept album, unique in sound and theme. A defiant, expansive approach to songwriting sets these dudes apart from the mass of xeroxed D-Beaters. This is a unique thematic approach, which hasn’t been explored through extreme music before. A much more interesting take on war and war culture than the countless Dis-clone “war is bad/bodies burning” lyrics which have become a sad cliche these days." - **originally published by Doomed Society**


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