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Withdrawal - Never LP

Withdrawal - Never LP

  • WITHDRAWAL (Canada) - Never LP (2016) Black vinyl - limited to 248 copies.  Formed in Winnipeg, Canada in 2008, Withdrawal has earned a devoted cult following with numerous releases across various mediums (7" vinyl, cassette, digital) and performances alongside legends and peers alike, including Integrity, Power Trip, Catharsis, Xibalba and more.

    For years, a full-length was often on the horizon, but seemingly never materialized. "Never" finds the band making good on that threat, dismissing the genre trappings to play it safe or by the numbers. Withdrawal casts aside expectation: Neurosis-like dirge gives way to Bolt Thrower-esque double bass runs. All Out War-style Thrash riffs transform into uneasy gothic laments. Connecticut style breakdowns become acid-soaked with pitch-shifting delays. "Never" is Withdrawal cementing their legacy in the realm of Hardcore.  Escapist Records – ER-025


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