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Wolfbrigade - Run With The Hunted LP


Wolfbrigade - Run With The Hunted LP

  • WOLFBRIGADE (Sweden) - Run With The Hunted (2017) (sealed LP copy on Black vinyl).  A lot of necks are about to snap, if they haven’t already. D-Beat Death dealers Wolfbrigade have unveiled a fresh new hell for your ears, straight out of Sweden.

    Lycanthropunk powerhouse Wolfbrigade has unleashed their 10th full-length album "Run With The Hunted."  Previously known as Wolfpack back in the 90's (up until Allday Hell in ’99), the Swedish Crusty D-Beat blasters have been a mainstay in the genre and shows that they haven’t lost any of the energy in 22 slamming years.

    Run With the Hunted is a scorching album and an excellent next step in Wolfbrigade’s excellent discography.  The band’s songwriting continues to get better while never losing their grip on their roots. The use of more melodic parts plays greatly into the band’s favour and offers something to both get the rage on, and get ears twitching.  Leaders of the pack and pavers of the path they most certainly are. If you’ve missed out on this, get moving and start Running With The Hunted!  **originally published on**  Southern Lord ‎– LORD238


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