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Wurm Flesh - Excoriation Evisceration CD

Wurm Flesh - Excoriation Evisceration CD

  • WURM FLESH (CA, USA) - Excoriation Evisceration CD (2018).  Hailing from the California state capital, Wurm Flesh proudly unearths their punishing debut album ‘Excoriation Evisceration’, via Comatose Music. Chaotic tempo changes, stomach churning gutturals, blistering down picked guitar riffs, frenzied blast beats coalesced with extended range, low-end bass carnage. This Brutal Death Metal quartet rises from the rancid soils to consume all that is weak.

    This is the ultimate Brutal Death Metal soundtrack, it’s everything that the demented disciples of Death crave, everything they hunger for when the bloodlust strikes and cannot be denied. For we all die and become fodder for the belly crawlers. Where Kings and Beggars are finally one and equal with the maggots.  **originally published on**  Comatose Music ‎– Coma109


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