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Welcome to Night Howl Records.  Our company was created for one reason.  Passion.  Our undying love for music and all of the joy that it’s brought us in our day to day lives.  No matter what emotions you are feeling, or what you’ve been through, the only constant that has always been there through it all, has been the music.  In no way are we talented enough to be musicians, so this is our way of giving back to an industry that has done so much for us, it really was the least we could do. 


Located on the East Coast, in the maritime province of New Brunswick, we strive to appeal to a larger CANADIAN audience as your online source for physical music media.  If you live in Canada and consider yourself a fan of Metal, Punk, Hardcore or Indie music, we want YOU to be one of our loyal customers. Night Howl Records takes great pride in the fact that ALL of our pricing on our website, is shown in CANADIAN currency, without the concern for exchange rates, expensive import fees, duty and taxes that unfortunately do apply when ordering from other countries.  Not to say that we will not ship to those other countries, but we simply want to highlight the benefits for Canadians and all of the perks that come from shopping with us.

We look to provide an enjoyable shopping experience with a wide selection of Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Alternative, Indie Rock and other various musical genres that we think are cool.  Also, we do NOT consider ourselves “format snobs” by providing ALL forms of physical media to our customers.  Vinyl records, CD’s, cassettes and tons more music-related merchandise is available in our web store. 

Thanks for stopping by the shop, we hope you find something worthy of adding to your growing collections. If you don’t find what you are looking for, head over to the “ALBUM REQUESTS” portion of our site to let us know exactly what it is you are looking to track down.  With the sources we have available, we will try our best to fulfill your personal requests.  Because it’s what we love to do.


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all of our prices are, and always shall be listed in canadian dollars$$

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