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NIGHT HOWL RECORDS will begin their mission by making items available to music fans from the following countries: CANADA, UNITED STATES and the vast majority of EUROPE (with very few exceptions) **all prices shown on our website (including shipping prices) are listed in CANADIAN DOLLARS**

Paying for shipping affects us all, and is unavoidable in this line of business.  We at NIGHT HOWL will do all we can to offer our music fans the very best shipping rates available!  We will calculate the costs based on the quantity and weight of your order.  You will be able to view the shipping cost on our checkout page BEFORE submitting your order.  In the event, that the shipping rate doesn't look right or appears higher than it should, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will attempt to rectify the situation on your behalf.


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all of our prices are, and always shall be listed in canadian dollars$$

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