HATH - All That Was Promised (2XLP) Random Colour Mix Gatefold Vinyl

2XLP / Random Mixed Colour Gatefold Vinyl
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HATH (NJ, USA) - All That Was Promised (2XLP) Random Mixed Colour gatefold vinyl - limited to 400 copies. On their 2nd full-length studio album, "All That Was Promised," HATH set out to expand on what they did with previous releases - experimenting with more varied sounds and new ideas - but now more directly and cohesively. The album was originally released on March 4th, 2022.

In the end, the record came out darker and more punishing than expected. It's important to the band to grow and learn without losing sight of what they do best. The content on this album is more personal and introspective, with songs enduring change and all of the promises made to us in life - broken or otherwise. -- Willowtip – WT-198-2

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