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Blasphematory - Depths Of The Obscurity LP

Blasphematory - Depths Of The Obscurity LP

  • BLASPHEMATORY (NJ, USA) - Depths Of The Obscurity LP (2020) Black vinyl - limited to 500 copies worldwide.  American Death-Cult BLASPHEMATORY has completed their debut full-length album, released on LP via Nuclear Winter Records (Greece). 

    Some very high-quality death metal is lurking under the raw production here, with far more dynamics than your usual two-person band.  Absolutely filthy, reverb soaked, down-tuned Death Metal in the vein of 90's Finnish bands, the range of influences is wide but in no way are these guys copycats in any way, shape or form.

    BLASPHEMATORY is the product of lifelong commitment to extreme music and not the formulaic combination of two or three predictable styles of other bands. Prepare to meet your Death in the DEPTHS OF THE OBSCURITY.  Nuclear Winter Records – NWR076


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