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Bouncing Souls - Comet LP

Bouncing Souls - Comet LP

  • BOUNCING SOULS (NJ, USA) – Comet (2012) (sealed LP copy; colour unknown) “Comet” finds the Souls at their musical best. Songs like “Baptized” and “Static” rock out with a ferocity usually reserved for Bouncing Soul contemporaries like H2O. Tracks like “We Love Fun” and “DFA” are pure Bouncing Souls wrapped in a blanket of Pogo Punk, and “Infidel” is just a brilliant minute and a half rip and tear classic. The band fires on all cylinders on “Comet.” Hardcore songs segue into ballads, which lead to Pop Punk anthems. If you’ve missed out on the Bouncing Souls for a few years (or a decade) now is a great time to dive back in. And if you’ve been a long time fan, you’ll absolutely love this album. Produced by Descendents' drummer Bill Stevenson. Recorded, mixed & mastered at The Blasting Room, Ft. Collins, Colorado.  Released by Chunksaah Records ‎(USA) – CAR053


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