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Broken Torso - The Ultimate Abhorrence (Cassette Tape)

BROKEN TORSO (Austria) - The Ultimate Abhorrence (Cassette Tape) (2017 VonFrost Re-issue). Limited to only 100 copies - This album was originally released on CD format back in 2000 on Buzo Records (Austria).  An absolute HIDDEN GEM in the Death Metal genre.  Stands alone in a class above the rest for its vicious musical delivery and razor sharp execution.  It has been long forgotten but now resurrected on ancient cassette format to allow new ears to experience the ultimate devastation once again!  HIGHEST RECOMMENDATIONS FOR BROKEN TORSO!


VonFrostRecords – VFR58 (2018) (more photos available upon request)

Broken Torso - The Ultimate Abhorrence (Cassette Tape)


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