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Burning Love - Rotten Thing To Say LP

Burning Love - Rotten Thing To Say LP

  • BURNING LOVE (Toronto, Canada) - Rotten Thing To Say (2012) (Black vinyl) Led by Chris Colohan, former vocalist of Cursed, Left For Dead, and The Swarm, "Rotten Thing To Say" sees Colohan’s latest group hit their stride in the realm of Rock-influenced Punk. However, unlike most Hardcore Punk bands with a Rock and Roll twist, the sound is never a novelty; the guitar solos aren’t phoned-in, the grooves are never awkward. Colohan’s trademark vitriol simply oozes from the tracks with all of the nihilistic rage expected from the man who some consider to be one of the best lyricists to ever strangle a microphone. Produced by Converge guitarist and extreme music producer extraordinaire Kurt Ballou, "Rotten Thing To Say" delivers the band’s scathing reports with a vastly improved level of clarity from prior efforts while retaining all of their trademark grit. **album review originally published on**  Southern Lord ‎– LORD161


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