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Butcher - Return To Nothingness LP

Butcher - Return To Nothingness LP

  • BUTCHER (USA/Japan) - Return To Nothingness (2018) (Black vinyl mastered at 45RPM) BUTCHER’s second LP is harrowing chaos on overdrive. Vocalist Jack Butcher snarls forth with a clear yet grizzly delivery, at times bringing Rob “The Baron” Miller of AMEBIX, or intense Black Metal straining to mind, while still retaining Hardcore razor cuts. The guitar intros are metallic and extremely accomplished and at times melancholic Post-Punk vibes are mixed with discordant Blackened Chamber Metal. Everything is much faster than you even need or expected. Featuring members of FORWARD, WORLD BURNS TO DEATH, ASSHOLEPARADE, and LIFECHAIN, finished off with calamitous cover art by the uncompromising Tomohiro Matsuda. And just like that, it ends like a cleaver to the skull. Darker, denser and even deeper than the debut. Get this NOW!  **album review originally published on**  Desolate Records ‎– DSR 010


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