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Color TV - (Self-Titled) LP

Color TV - (Self-Titled) LP

  • COLOR TV (MN, USA) - (Self-Titled) LP (2018) Black vinyl mastered at 45RPM.  After concocting a batch of 7" singles that leaked from various Twin Cities basements, here is the debut full-length album from COLOR TV. Bringing more speedy Punk Rock that slaps with tight bursts of melody and quirk with sardonic musings of living in the sci-fi, dystopian hellscape that is the now.

    Heavily influenced by early-UK Punk and USHC with subtle underpinnings of bands like Sparks and Ultravox, this is Punk music clearly made by lifers obsessed with the underground counter-culture.  Highly recommended for fans of: Chinese Telephones, Screeching Weasel, The Riverdales and Dark ThoughtsDeranged Records – DY318


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