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Death Worship - Extermination Mass LP

Death Worship - Extermination Mass LP

  • DEATH WORSHIP (Canada) - Extermination Mass (2016) Clear w/Black Smoke vinyl - 2020 NWN! Re-issue version.  Back in 2013, when the imposing specter of Death Worship first surreptitiously announced its impending presence, the collective response from those who witnessed its blasphemous annunciation was one of sheer anticipation.

    Perhaps as noteworthy as the songwriting and musicianship of Death Worship is the high level of attention paid to the depth of production on the recording, a trait which closely mimics that of Blasphemy’s infamous “Blood Upon The Altar” demo and one which owes itself to the experience of Fiasco Bros. Recording Studios, who recorded said demo along with several other recordings attributed to the Ross Bay Cult.

    With “Extermination Mass,” Death Worship affirms that the Superion once again has arisen, and the Cult is alive and well. **originally published on by C. Conrad**  Nuclear War Now! Productions – ANTI-GOTH 331, Ross Bay Cult


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