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Firth of Damnation - Carpe Diem CD

Firth of Damnation - Carpe Diem CD

  • FIRTH OF DAMNATION (Tennessee, USA) - Carpe Diem CD (2008) - limited to 1,000 copies “Carpe Diem” proves that Firth of Damnation is at the forefront of the US Black Metal scene, and this album deserves a lot of recognition and praise due to numerous qualities that make this album both incredibly enjoyable and captivating for the listener.

    As a whole, “Carpe Diem” is a fine example of Black Metal, and hence should be sought out by those that are interested in finding the most captivating and riveting albums out there. This album proves how modern Black Metal can still be argued as being great, and would most definitely be a gem in anyone’s collection, both because of the originality with the construction of the album and due to the cohesive elements which bind the music together.  **originally published on by mlidia**  Originally released in 2008 by Candarian Demon Productions ‎– SLAIN 008


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