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GOB - How Far Shallow Takes You CD


GOB - How Far Shallow Takes You CD

  • GOB (BC, Canada) - How Far Shallow Takes You CD (1998).  Simply Punk Rock revivalists, GOB bring a lot of thunder to the table on their third full-length album, How Far Shallow Takes You. The album is a departure from the freeswinging, Skatepunk sound found on their first two LP's, and focuses on more melodic, perfectly executed renditions of Punk music. The crunchy riffs and unforgettable hooks are what makes the album unforgettable and accessible to any wanderer unfamiliar with the band.

    The dynamic songwriting duo of Tom Thacker and Theo Goutzinakis provide a strong foundation for the songs in both music and lyrics, balancing the overall sound very well. Some of the songs are not meant to be taken seriously, though, mind you; "License From A Cereal Box" aims lower than its questionable title, and samples angry traffic noises...while "On These Days" is a drifter. The album sees more of a darker mood in the songs as it progresses. There is a deep sense of anger ("Self-Appointed Leader", "236 E. Broadway") and desperation ("Things Happen All The Time") as Tom and Theo trade vocal duties. The basswork on this record is incredible; Craig Wood certainly pulls a rabbit out of the hat here, and many fans would not expect it. Although heard only as a dominant force at the beginning of "OK", Wood is a sustaining factor for the entire album

    The Vancouver punks, GOB, establish themselves as a new creative force on the Punk scene with How Far Shallow Takes You. They build off of normal sounds for 90's Punk and creative an elusive, catchier sound that puts them a notch above the rest.  **originally published on**  Fearless Records ‎– F036-2, Landspeed Records


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