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Hate Manifesto - To Those Who Glorified Death LP

Hate Manifesto - To Those Who Glorified Death LP

  • Hate Manifesto ‎(Greece) – To Those Who Glorified Death (2017) (Black vinyl - limited to 500 copies) Hate Manifesto's debut album shows the band in full force, delivering relentlessly fast, punishing Blackened Death Metal that leaves nothing but a path of destruction behind it. It's kind of cliché to say that this packs a lot of hate when the band has "hate" in its name, but that's exactly what's going on here with hate-filled growls and an omnipresent vibe that makes you look over your shoulder and expect to catch a glimpse of your impending doom. Really heavy, sharp guitar work makes the whole thing sound like a race against time, going from a fast gallop style to all-guns-blazing throughout the album. It's kind of a rollercoaster ride of diverse beats that deliver several levels of punishment. Can't really find a good way to put this in words, really. Bottom line, this is hate-filled and dark as hell and it's a hell of a lot of fun and hard to get off the player. Very nicely done. Helter Skelter Productions ‎– HSPBH-LP-008, Blood Harvest ‎– HSPBH-LP-008


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