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Malthusian - Across Deaths LP


Malthusian - Across Deaths LP

  • MALTHUSIAN (Ireland) - Across Deaths (2018) Black vinyl in gatefold jacket - includes 12-page booklet.

    Debut album from Ireland's Malthusian "Across Deaths" contains five new tracks from this Death/Black powerhouse.  Released in co-operation with Invictus Productions in Europe.

    Remember when you “cleaned out” your basement and swept a pile of concrete, paint chips, and earwig corpses into the corner? Malthusian broke into your house, snorted it, and recorded Across Deaths there while you were at work.

    This album will give you an asthma attack and reduce your children’s IQ by ten points. It hangs in the air between you and your speakers, and only continues playing if you walk into it. If it were an animal, it would be the mummified mouse under your washing machine.  Across Deaths is not the moldering Victorian curio cabinet of Portal but the thick layer of dust on top of it, an unpleasant and irritating grit made primarily of your own crumbled skin.

    A truly great album within this "Cavern-core" style that will force you to its side, and Across Deaths.  It reaffirms and expands upon Malthusian‘s vision and demonstrated that the band are real players in the scene and not afraid to present themselves without the comforting cloak of obfuscating production. Cloak owners, eat your hearts out.  **originally published on**  Invictus Productions + Dark Descent Records ‎– DDR215LP


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